Farm fresh lamb - Aroostook County

Grass fed

The finest quality grasses and legume mixtures are planted to provide the best diet for our growing lambs. It takes a little more work and effort to maintain the meadows, but we feel it is worth it. . . Experience the great taste of sweet clover/grass fed, tender meat from Hidden Meadow Farm, LLC..

Pasture raised

Our lambs are raised out on lush, green pastures right here on our farm. This in turn allows them to reach their market weight quickly and produces very high quality, great tasting cuts of tender meat.

Juicy cuts of tender meat

The best tasting meats are usually the freshest. So we want you to enjoy our juicy, naturally grown lamb at its very best. That is why we sell our delicious, lamb chops, ribs, steaks, and ground products right where you do your weekly grocery shopping. We hope you enjoy it!

Specialty sausage and ground lamb

We have a wide range of ground sausage products such as, Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, Maple, and Apple Spice available. Not to mention our traditional ground lamb meat. . .

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